Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Trifecta is COMPLETE!!!

First: My daughter's high school soccer team defeated the evil FRA Panthers to win the regional championship! Second: The mighty Tennessee Titans defeated the Green Bay Packers to go 9-0! Third: Good guys win! Good guys win!!!

About the above illustration: I drew those angels for a book I wrote back in 1999. Ironically they are pumped about the birth of the coming saviour. Note that these are not Southern Baptist angels. When there is an illustration assignment depicting angels for LifeWay (Southern Baptists) you do not show wings, feet, or make it female. My publisher for my book was Thomas Nelson, and they let me be a maverick. Let's all get down and get mavericky!!!


Kate said...

You are such a portrait of Americana!

Thanks for your comment on my blog about voting...I left you a reply if you care to read it.


Doug said...

is a Trifecta some kind of sandwich? Can I get one at Panera? Does it come with chips?

paula said...

I had no idea, the diversity of angel 'styles' between the denoms! I'd love to see a post covering the issues you've encountered with drawing Jesus. More on that kind of stuff would be really intersting to hear about!