Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I've been tagged. (Is there a cure?)

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I'm somewhat of a novice to the blogosphere, but this week I've found myself "tagged" by the Great Kate of Chicago. And what that apparently entails is that I post 7 things about myself, and then proceed to tag 7 others, and so on, until everyone in the world knows about everyone else. Well, here are my 7 things, but I don't know how to tag others yet, but I will, because I know if I break the chain, 7 plagues will fall upon the world, and a Republican will be voted in as president again.


The Tart said...

Thank heavens you posted & we are saved from the Rs!!

The Tart
; *

Kate said...

Cool, you did it! : )

Well, I like someone who exercises his brain as well as his bod.

Congrats on making a living doing what you like.

krisztina maros said...

8 marathons? my high respect to you!