Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's official: Fall is the BEST!

Results of a recent Gallup poll revealed that people that like Fall the best of the four seasons, are the coolest, most thoughtful, sensitive, heartiest, and nicest people around. I guess that's me. The results are said to be 100% accurate, with a plus/minus accuracy rating of 3%. There you go! People that like Summer the best are vain, impatient, and hot. People that like Winter the best (unless they live somewhere that you can do Winter stuff), are depressive, loners, prone to being serial killers, and cold. Duh. And people that like Spring the best are almost as cool as people that like Fall the best. Interesting, since Spring is my second favorite. Go me!


krisztina maros said...

of course the fall is! :)

(and which one is you in the picture?)

Bill Ross said...

Well Krisztina, it's obvious that I am the one holding the camera, and while my daughter is enjoying the beautiful fall day, the squirrel, a pest from Pest, ran into the photo! But isn't nature wonderful? And somewhere underneath the leaves are two snails, two very slow snails.